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I hate my job

July 19, 2017

It’s okay: I don’t really.

In fact, I love what I do.

But a lot of my clients don’t.

In fact, on an almost daily basis I speak to people that genuinely hate their jobs.

And even the ones that don’t hate their current employment situation often want to make a change in their working life.

Maybe they want to garden, play choral music, volunteer or teach, and they want to work a day or two less to accommodate that stuff.

Whether you’re “phasing out” like these clients start to do or you’re looking to retire completely on one day (I call this cliff edge), it pays to do some preparation!

Because knowing what you’re moving away from is one thing but what you’re moving towards is something else entirely.

Some clients seem to take to this like a duck to water whereas others struggle to picture what their life will be like without work.

Helping my clients understand whether they can contemplate retirement or cut down on their working hours is a key part of my job, and to be honest, one of the most enjoyable bits.

When you’re able to help someone get what they want out of their life, it’s very rewarding indeed.

Just in this last week I have been fortunate to work with three clients on their financial plans to enable them to:

  • Immediately hand in their notice to retire on their 56th birthday and leave a job they hate!
  • Discuss how to phase out of a highly stressful professional career they have been working in for over 30 years.
  • Plan to retire at age 55 and change their stressful job and commute now to slow down!

That’s what it’s all about. And I don’t hate it. I love it.



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His fees are clear and the rationale underlying his advice was explained very well...

“I thought I understood the products I had/have and what best to do with them. I didn’t. Phil highlighted which had guaranteed annuity rates, which did not and mapped a strategy for maximizing the benefit from those in accord with my attitude to risk and overall retirement strategy. He reviewed my portfolio of savings and investments and some were repositioned; again in accord with my risk profile. His fees are clear and the rationale underlying his advice was explained very well. He challenged some of my long held views which was refreshing. I have since realigned some of those views.”
Robin Unsworth – Bolton