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Case Study 9 – How to reduce pension sharing from £250,000 to £62,500

Background Our client, Mr G approached us to assist with the preparation of his case for final hearing. He had significant deferred pension benefits in a supermarket final salary scheme. Cash Equivalent Transfer Value = £250,000. Mrs G had pension benefits within the Public Sector. Concerns Mr G was now a member of the supermarket’s […]

Case Study 8 – How to reduce pension sharing by £68,000!

Background Our client, Mr A approached us to assist with the division of pensions in his divorce. His pensions were significantly more valuable than Mrs A’s pensions on a cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) basis (£600,000 v £140,000). Concerns Mrs A’s existing IFA had put forward an approach whereby the division of the pensions would […]

Case Study 7 – The Separating Couple

Background Mr & Mrs C were both aged 61, in good health, with three grown up children. Mr C had a British Petroleum pension in payment of £18,000 per annum with provision to Mrs C on death of £15,000 per annum (83%). Concerns How to provide an adequate split of pension assets which was fair […]

Case Study 6 – The Wealthy Divorcees

Background Mr & Mrs B were aged 48 and 52, in good health, with two teenage children. Mr B ran a successful business from land and buildings owned by one of his pension schemes. Substantial asset base. Concerns How to provide an adequate split of the assets which enabled Mr B to continue to run […]

Case Study 5 – Pension Sharing #2

Background Mrs D, aged 60, had received a 50% pension share against her ex husband’s Wyeth defined benefit scheme. The trustees were offering shadow membership on a money purchase basis. Mrs D was becoming increasingly concerned as the pension sharing annex (P1) had been rejected by the scheme trustees as being incomplete. She was looking […]

Case Study 4 – Pension Sharing

Background Mrs C, aged 58, had been granted a 25% pension share in relation to her ex husband’s British Aerospace Pension Scheme benefit which was already in payment.7 Mrs C was a member of the Merseyside Pension Fund, part of the Local Government Pension Scheme and wondered whether this should be the destination for her […]

Case Study 3 – Am I Being Taken For A Ride?

Background Mr R approached us feeling particularly down as a jointly instructed equality of income calculation had not provided the results he wanted. Concerns He felt that this was a particularly bad deal for him. The pension share would mean he would lose approximately £100,000 of his pensions. This meant that from an initial ownership […]

Case Study 2 – The Undervalue Cash Equivalent Transfer Value

Background Our client, Mr S approached us with a cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) for his ex wife’s pension valued at £90,000. His pension had been valued significantly higher but both parties were members of the same pension scheme. Concerns He felt that the current CETV significantly undervalued the pension benefits of his ex wife. […]

Case Study 1 – The Miserly Offer

Background Our client, Mrs F approached us after being offered 55% of her ex husband’s pensions. Concerns She was concerned that the offer was not a fair one after such a long marriage (25 years). What We Did The parties agreed to look at the split on an equality of income basis. We produced a […]