The Loneliest Robot

Jun 28, 2017

I hate busyness.

Two main reasons:

  • 1 - Is it even a word?
  • 2 - (Much more importantly) It’s something we should all pay attention to as we can easily get caught up in the busyness of life. I know I do – frequently.

And I am proud to tell you that one of my clients hates busyness too.

When I met him last year he had been working in the corporate world for - in his words - too long (25 years!) and was looking to get out.

He’d crunched his numbers and felt he could stop work now but he wanted me to sense check them.

I did and everything was in order. So, he got out, that week!

I knew from talking to him that he had lots of things he wanted to get involved in once he had got off the corporate treadmill; writing a novel, doing charitable work, spending quality time with his family and playing more golf were the stand out ones.

So for him, the sense of time stretching out in front of him was not as daunting as it can be for some.

Last week I finished reading his debut novel – The Loneliest Robot. A tale of self-discovery.

He sent me a dedicated copy too and I read it from cover to cover.

I was in London at the time and it really resonated with me.

Andy told me “leaving corporate life has been the best decision I have ever made. I have less money coming in, but my inner happiness has soared. Life is too short to count the time.”

How good is that?!

For me, this is the BEST part of my job.

Not the numbers (because most of the time the numbers look after themselves.)

You see I have a saying – “Why Not NOW?”. And when I say it, I’m deadly serious.

I use this saying a lot when I talk to my clients, especially when they tell me that they hate their job, or they want to retire, or they want to go on a dream holiday.

So, tell me this; what cannot wait? Life is short and it can change in the blink of an eye.

Whatever it is, why not now?

Ps if you fancy reading the Loneliest Robot here is the link -

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