Rudeness is standard

Sep 28, 2017

I was chatting to a friend recently and they were recounting their current experiences of dealing with HMRC. They are self-employed and there is a difference of opinion on how much National Insurance is owed. My friend believes that nothing is due whereas HMRC believes she owes them £3,000.

My friend has been in constant contact with the Revenue over this matter, and as time has gone on, the tone of their communication has become steadily more threatening.

It should be noted that said friend has over £5,000 lodged with HMRC already towards her annual tax bill.

During one particular conversation with Mrs Soandso she received this gem of a line.

“Rudeness is standard to get non-compliant people to pay”

I know at times our standards do slip and I can be accused of taking my eye of the ball but I don’t think resorting to rudeness is ever appropriate or fair.

Imagine running a business with that attitude. I can’t.

Enjoy your week.


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